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Mazda3 Hatchback Honored for Total Quality


Mazda3 Honored for Overall Holistic Experience

When the research consultancy group “Strategic Vision” started weeding through the contestants for it small car “Total Quality Award,” the judges used an evaluation process that looked at the overall holistic experience, both positive and negative, that each car brings to the consumer. The categories examined included reliability, customer service, the total driving experience and how the car evokes an emotional response from the customer. In a press release, the company said the “Mazda3 hatchback surpasses all its competition by delivering more than is expected in a segment that is often just more functional than delivering extra touches. Its overall profile of what is delivered for the price creates value and a positive image.” See what kind of emotional response the Mazda3 hatchback creates in you by taking a drive to Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.

Spirited Design Makes Driving Fun

Employing the spirited KODO – Soul of Motion design philosophy on all its vehicles, Mazda has turned the mundane hatchback into a work of art. From its long sloping hood to the subtly sculpted sides, the 2016 Mazda3 hatchback is as engaging as it is efficient. Be prepared for this eye-catching beauty to turn heads whether you’re motoring down the highway or stopped for one of those infrequent fuel fill-ups. As beautiful as the exterior the looks, the interior is just as attractive. Superior craftsmanship creates a sophisticated feel from the tight fit and finish to the upscale materials. KODO design is a Japanese philosophy that’s inspired by the quiet focus of an animal stalking its dinner. The Mazda3 is ready to capture your heart with a look that exudes power, energy and poise.

Awesome Performance Combines With Superb Efficiency

There are five different models of the Mazda3 hatchback that offer two different engines. The base engine is the 2.0L SKYACTIV 4 cylinder that delivers 155 horsepower while achieving 40 mpg on the highway. If you want a few more horses under the hood, step up to the 2.5L engine for 184 horsepower and 39 mpg. The larger engine comes standard in the S Touring and S Grand Touring trim packages. Along with the larger engine, the “S” models come with 18-inch wheels, steering wheel paddle shifters and a sport trim package that delivers a little more flair. The S Grand Touring also has LED taillights and running lights, along with an adaptive headlight system that leads the way as you drive around dark corners. Check out the entire Mazda3 inventory with a visit to Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.


Monitoring Driver Inputs Adjust Torque

As automakers move more and more to features that making driving effortless, there are some who say that all the fun is going out of the ability to make a car do things that other people can’t. Mazda, with its fun-to-drive philosophy, is giving back some of the control to drivers with their new G-Vectoring Control (GVC) technology. Mazda vehicles constantly take readings on the driver’s steering wheel usage, then communicate to the engine to reduce torque. That slight change shifts weight to the front, which tightens up the suspension and improves handling. The result is fewer steering wheel corrections and a more dynamic driving experience. See GVC in action for yourself by taking a test drive at your Phoenix Mazda dealerChapman Mazda on Bell Road.

MX-5 RF Retractable Hardtop Now in Fourth Generation

For people who like a little thrill in their driving experience without breaking the bank on some gazillion-horsepower sports car, the Mazda MX-5 Miata has been the go to vehicle. With its sporty performance, industry experts consistently choose the MX-5 as the most affordable sports car on the planet. Prior to the RF model, you had your choice of a retractable soft top or a removable hard top. People now have the option of a retractable hardtop, which easily converts the closed to coupe to an open-air roadster, than just as easily goes back to a hard top coupe if the weather turns bad. “I hope the launch of the MX-5 RF will awaken hidden emotions and dormant sensibilities among our customers,” said Nobuhiro Yamamoto, MX-5 Program Manager, “and with these two MX-5 models, I hope we can help introduce the joy of driving a convertible sports car to a wider audience and help even more people live rich, fun-filled lives.”

Key Philosophies Make RF Appealing

Mazda has incorporated a few key philosophies in the Miata RF to appeal to all ages and demographics. First, the appealing fastback with a smooth line that joins the roof to the rear is a sports car basic that complements the tear drop design of the cockpit. The Miata RF is the same overall length and width of the popular soft top model, although it is 5mm lower in height. Real Nappa leather gives both a comfortable and sophisticated feeling to the interior. It tells the driver that this is a car of value. A headliner that absorbs sound keeps the outside noise on the outside, allowing the superior stereo system to envelope the driver and passenger in music. See how the MX-5 RF comes together to create a superior driving machine by visiting Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.


Compact Crossover Delivers the Goods

Whether you want a beautiful and efficient vehicle filled with luxury features or a tough little off-road mudder that holds its own against more aggressive looking four-wheelers, you must consider the Mazda CX-3. When the Mazda CX-3 hit the nation’s highways last year, it impressed consumers and auto reviewers alike with its KODO – Soul of Motion design and available amenities like radar cruise control, leather and suede seats and a heads up active driving display. The vehicle was nominated for best World Car Design by 73 journalists who fell in love with the dynamic handling, comfortable ride and low price tag. The 2017 Mazda CX-3 will be making its way to the showroom at Chapman Mazda this July.

i-ACTIV All-wheel Drive Earns Mudfest Victory

You can imagine the snickers from the Jeeps and Range Rover lovers of the world when the little CX-3 pulled up to the starting line at the annual Northwest Automotive Press Association Mudfest last year. They weren’t laughing for long as the CX-3 used its predictive i-ACTIVE drive system that automatically delivers power to the wheel that needs it the most to win its class.

Price Remains Same This Year

The starting suggested retail price for the 2017 Mazda CX-3 is $19,960, same as for the 2016 model. There are few changes from the previous year.  The 18-inch alloy wheels that were only standard on the Grand Touring model are now also included with the Touring trim package. Mazda’s suite of i-ACTIVESENSE driver assistance safety features has come down significantly this year, now $1,170 as opposed to $1,920 for 2016.

Powerful SKYACTIV Engine Provides Punch

All Mazda CX-3 models come with the SKYACTIV 2.0L engine that uses a higher compression ratio than other motors to deliver a peppy 146 horsepower. A six-speed automatic transmission is also standard on all trim levels, with a Sport mode to deliver a little quicker response when it’s time to challenge those curvy country roads. The Sport trim level is fitted with 16-inch alloy wheels, the MAZDA CONNECT infotainment system that responds to voice commands, keyless entry, power mirrors and locks, air conditioning and an outstanding six-speaker stereo. The Touring model has heated outside mirrors, heated front seats, blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. Choose the top-of-the-line Grand Touring model to get LED headlights and fog lights, navigation and paddle shifters. See the new CX-3 when it comes to Chapman Mazda in a couple of weeks.

Mazda3 Great Choice for Teen Driver


‘Daily News’ Lauds Little Sedan

When it comes to picking cars that are perfect for teen drivers, the “New York Daily News” could not conscionably leave the Mazda3 off its list. Efficiency, performance and Soul of Motion design all add up to make the compact car a home run for Millennials looking for fun, dependable transportation that offers a suite of technology features. Check out the Phoenix Mazda3 inventory at Chapman Mazda.

Infotainment System Offers Suite of Choices

Whether your teen likes to Bluetooth stream his or own music, or would rather listen to Pandora, HD Radio, Stitcher Internet Radio, Aha, or SiriusXM Satellite tunes, the Mazda3 has them covered. The Mazda Connect infotainment system also offers hands free communication, allowing your young driver to make phone calls or answer texts while keeping eyes firmly focused on the road. An available Bose surround sound system delivers stunning music quality for a car that starts well under $18,000.

Soul of Motion Design a Hit Inside and Out

When you check out the Mazda3 inventory and other vehicles at Chapman Mazda, pay particular attention to the fluid design cues that are common to all cars. Every curve is made with a reason, to create an illusion of motion that catches the eye and adds to the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle. Open the door and you’ll find an attractive ergonomic layout that makes the most of the available space and puts controls within a finger’s reach of the driver. The smallest detail does not go without notice, from the perforations in the leather-trimmed seats that enhance the sound quality, to the command control knob that puts you in charge of all communications. The Mazda3 is a testament to technology in the modern age.

SKYACTIV Makes Parts Work Together

Mazda’s patented SKYACTIV technology is a fancy name for a system that ensures all parts work together, creating the maximum vehicle efficiency. The SKYACTIV G engine uses higher compression than most vehicles to deliver up to 40 mpg on the highway and 184 horsepower. The chassis is finely-tuned to deliver both agility and stability. Whether you choose the manual or automatic transmission, both deliver seamless shifting as your teen driver moves through the gears.

Driver Assistance Features Keep Teens Safe

Mazda offers a whole suite of driver assistance features to help your teens stay focused and avoid collisions. This technology includes cruise control that helps maintain a reasonable distance between cars, smart city brake support, blind spot monitoring, and a lane departure warning system.


‘Car and Driver’ Gives Mazda6 High Marks

When the editors at “Car and Driver” compare vehicles, they put them through the ringer with a series of tests that include performance, design, fit and finish and ride quality, among others. Calling the Mazda6 a “beautiful car” which incorporated their “favorite design” both inside and out, the editors named the midsize sedan a clear winner against the Chevy Malibu, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. “Unlike the Accord or Malibu, this is a car that belongs on 19-inch wheels,” they wrote, adding that the cabin looks upscale “no matter where the eyes wander.” For the largest Mazda6 inventory in the Valley, head over to Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.

Editors Rave About Virtually Every Feature

Normally when the editors at ‘Car and Driver’ do a test comparison, they find that some cars are better at some things than others before declaring an overall winner. In the case of this comparison, they raved about virtually every feature on the Mazda6, from the auto up/down on four windows to the folding rear seats and wide trunk opening. The Mazda6 had the quickest times while also delivering the greatest fuel economy, the result of Mazda’s famous SKYACTIV technology. The car is a quiet commuter most of the time, but press the “Sport” button and it comes alive, roaring around the track and pushing the gears to their limits.

Mazda6 Scores High in Acceleration and Fun Factor

When you look over the Mazda6 inventory at Chapman Mazda on Bell Road, remember that this car scored high in virtually every category, but earned a perfect mark in quarter-mile acceleration and fuel economy. Those are two diametrically-opposed functions that logic would say cannot work together, but the engineers at Mazda have made it happen. The car also scored high in performance, steering feel, driver comfort, rear-seat space, trunk space, fit and finish and styling. It also won the “fun to drive” category going away.

i-ACTIVSENSE Provides Driver Assistance Safety Features

The i-ACTIVESENSE system is Mazda’s term for the suite of sensor and camera-related safety features that help drivers avoid collisions. Radar cruise control helps you keep a safe distance from the car in front, while lane assist warns if you’re drifting out of your place on the road. Smart brake support alerts you of an impending collision, then takes charge if you fail to act. See all the safety features for yourself at Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.