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Mazda3 a Small Hatch with Big Intentions

The Mazda3 Hatchback may be on the smaller side as cars go, but it delivers a big dose of driving dynamics thanks to the superior engineering that created SKYACTIV technology. With every component working together to produce the most power and efficiency possible, the Mazda3 Hatchback took a huge step forward when the Mazda engineers developed G-Vectoring Control. This innovative technology adjusts the power to the outside wheels on corners, keeping the weight of the vehicle level and letting you turn on a dime. The effect may be subtle, but don’t tell that to the smile on your face. Experience the wonder of Mazda engineering when you take a test drive at Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.

Continues Legacy of Exhilaration

Drive most compact cars and you’ll probably get a feeling that it’ll get you where you want to go and you’ll save on gas. Drive a Mazda3 Hatchback and the feeling is pure exhilaration. It’s an attribute that comes with the entire Mazda lineup, but is particularly pleasing when you find it on the most affordable end of the model spectrum. With a finely-tuned 4-wheel suspension system, your choice of automatic or manual transmission and the option of peppy 2.0L or 2.5L gasoline engines, the buoyant feeling you get from your morning drive should be enough to carry you through the day. By delivering up to 37 mpg on the highway, the Mazda3 approaches hybrid numbers without the additional cost of all that battery technology.

Is it Moving or Standing Still?

The sleek lines of the Mazda3 Hatchback are all part of the company’s overriding KODO design philosophy that creates a sense of movement even when motionless. Like a jungle cat stalking its prey, the Mazda3 Hatchback silhouette is the result of painstaking hours of molding metal into a contour that tingles the senses and turns heads. The philosophy carries over into the painstaking craftsmanship that ensures every seam and stitch are flawless and pleasing to both the eye and touch. The paint process is a painstaking affair that makes sure the designer’s vision is captured on the canvas of your new car. Slip inside the cabin and you’ll see the result of the interior designer creating a feeling of warmth and safety, with materials and design enveloping your body and senses like a mother’s hug.

Safety Inspires Confidence

The most beautiful car in the world is nothing if not safe. With Mazda’s available i-ACTIVESENSE suite of driving safety technology, you’ll be as safe as possible out on the open road. These features alert you to possible hazards and in some cases take over some of the driving duties if you fail to react. Affordable, beautiful, hand-crafted and safe, the Mazda3 Hatchback deserves a spot on your next list of vehicles to consider. Test drive one today at Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.

Mazda scored the highest overall “Manufacturer Adjusted Fuel Economy” rating from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the fifth year in a row. The company’s overall average fuel economy rating was an outstanding 29.6, up almost half a mile per gallon from the previous year. The company is able to achieve these high mileage numbers without sacrificing performance, providing a dynamic driving experience for customers while still helping to preserve the Earth’s beauty. Learn more about the different models and how they rank for fuel mileage when you spend some time at Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.

Built for Handling and Efficiency

With the exception of a couple of the larger SUVs, every Mazda vehicle is somewhere in the 30-40 mpg range on the highway. Even the flagship CX-9, a people and cargo hauler that’s the largest vehicle in the lineup, rates 28 mpg on the highway. The secret is the company’s devotion to SKYACTIV technology, a philosophy that makes every component integrate seamlessly with other related components. This innovative combination of chassis, body and engine provides superior handling along with supreme performance in the areas of safety and environmental consciousness. Mazda continues to work towards a transportation future where vehicles, people and the planet can coexist in a healthful way.

SKYACTIV-X to Improve Efficiency

Mazda is currently developing a new line of engines that will utilize homogenous charge compression ignition (HCCI) to produce even more efficiency, moving the gasoline powered cars into the hybrid range of 40 mpg plus. It’s coming for the 2020 model year, putting another technological feather in the company’s cap. The gasoline engine functions much like a diesel, in that it has a very lean mixture of air and fuel that ignites solely by compression. This means the engine requires less fuel to create the same amount of energy. Other companies have tried HCCI before, but Mazda has had success in testing using a different procedure, increasing the compression ratio inside the combustion chamber. Final testing is underway and the company says it is on track to release the new technology for 2020.

Technology Not Limited to Efficiency

Mazda celebrates drivers and wants to enhance every customer’s driving experience. That’s why they offer technology to make your daily drive more pleasant, including a 360 degree camera, large 8-inch infotainment display and heated and ventilated front seats in certain models. Mazda now offers Radar Cruise Control that has the ability to stop and go, based on the distance from you and the car immediately ahead of you. It works from 18-90 mph, keeping you a safe distance and eliminating the stress of stop and go traffic. See all the features and enjoy the test drive when you visit Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.

Sometimes its the little things that can make a big change in the desired outcome. That was the case when Mazda engineers started looking at ways to improve the overall ride experience in the CX-5. “The old CX-5 had remarkably good steering and handling and we wanted to keep that,” according to Mazda engineer Dave Coleman. “At the same time, we wanted to really improve the drive quality, the comfort and reduce noise. That was a tall order.” Coleman and his team accomplished their mission, a fact you can see for yourself when you visit Chapman Mazda on Bell Road and test drive the new CX-5.

New CX-5 Great Ride for Driver and Passengers

Mazda’s overall philosophy is to create vehicles where the driver and car feel like one integrated unit. Coleman and his team went a step farther with the 2018 Mazda CX-5, also paying attention to the experience of the riders. They worked long hours, improving the suspension, door seals and adding thicker carpet and more insulation to cut exterior noise. “We are putting a lot of effort into the ride quality in the backseat and road noise back there,” he said, “to make sure that the interior noise level in the back seat and the front seat are as close to the same as possible. It’s a lot easier to have a conversation that way.”

Pick Your Style

The 2018 Mazda CX-5 is a mid-size SUV that comes in three different trim levels for people of all budgets. The Sport model begins at less than $25,000 and comes with the supreme MAZDA CONNECT infotainment system that lets you stream music from your phone along with offering hands-free communication for text and phone calls. The Touring model is a bit more expensive, but delivers heated front seats and dual-zone climate control. Step up to the Grand Touring model, still under $30,000, for a power rear lift gate and a navigation system. All three models earn 31 mpg on the highway and have available all-wheel drive.

Safety Features now Standard

No matter which trim level you choose, Mazda includes blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert on all the CX-5 models. That’s one reason why the Mazda CX-5 was named a Top Safety Pick Plus by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. From the improved ride and quiet interior to the advanced safety features, the CX-5 is an excellent choice for your next SUV. Pick one from the large inventory at Chapman Mazda on Bell Road and go for a test drive today.

New MX-5 Miata has a Cherry on Top

As if the Mazda MX-5 Miata didn’t offer enough reasons for driving enthusiasts to put one in his or her garage, now the popular roadster comes with a cherry on top. That’s cherry as in an optional Dark Cherry soft top, the perfect complement to a ride that’s as sweet as can be. The 2018 Miata also comes with a wide selection of new color choices, an available Nappa leather interior and heated, leather-trimmed seats. A retuned suspension system offers even better handling than before, giving you another reason to head into Chapman Mazda on Bell Road and take a test drive when the new models arrive.

Iconic Roadster the Best Sports Car for the Money

The Mazda MX-5 is consistently reviewed by critics as the “best sports car for the money.” Starting at just $24,915, it’s hard to argue that’s an inexpensive price to pay for the thrill of riding with the wind in your hair while taking corners as if you were glued to the road. The 2018 models will be arriving on dealership lots soon, offering not only a new look and refined suspension, but a trim package for every taste and budget. The Sport is the entry level Miata, still delivering the ride dynamics and sporty look driving enthusiasts crave. The new model year finds the Sport with a 7-inch standard touchscreen running the MAZDA CONNECT infotainment system. LED headlights and tail lights, Bluetooth connectivity and advanced keyless entry is also now standard on the Sport model.

Club Model has a Bit of a Harder Edge

The Mazda Miata MX-5 Club is the next step up the model latter, with heated cloth seats featuring contrasting stitching for a sportier, more refined look. The Club also comes with a premium Bose sound system, 17-inch gunmetal alloy wheels and blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert. An upgraded Brembo brake package is also available on the Club model, ensuring you can stop just as quickly as you start. Order the brakes and Mazda will also include heated leather seats and aerodynamic accessories.

Grand Touring the Ultimate in Sophistication

If you like your sundae with whipped cream and nuts as well as a cherry on top, take a long look at the Miata Grand Touring package. Features include heated leather seats, automatic headlights, driver assistance safety features, more sound absorption and rain sensing windshield wipers. The Grand Touring model delivers all the thrills of the other two trim packages, along with a few more creature comforts. The 2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata will be arriving on the lot at Chapman Mazda on Bell Road any day now. Stay in touch to be the first in line for a taste test.

With four different trim levels offering a variety of premium features, the Mazda CX-9 is the large luxury SUV with the affordable price tag. Starting at just $32,130, the Sport Model includes LED head and tail lights, dual exhaust and advanced driver assistance safety features. Step all the way up to the Signature trim package and enjoy amenities normally found in much more expensive luxury models. The Signature offers comfort and sophistication with Auburn Nappa leather seats and trim, genuine Rosewood inlays, and a power sliding moonroof. Check out all the different models and take a test drive when you visit Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.

All-wheel Driver Offers Total Control

Whether you spend a lot of time traveling in the ice and snow or just want better handling and control, the Mazda CX-9 i-ACTIV all-wheel drive system automatically monitors conditions and delivers the most traction where it is needed. The CX-9 all-wheel drive uses sensors to keep an eye on temperature, accelerator input and your braking patterns to adjust the power delivered even before you wheels can begin slipping. If you’re just out on a weekend adventure on a lonesome road, the i-ACTIV system improves your vehicle’s grip on the asphalt by continually sensing changes in the traction and your driving habits.

Technology Delivers Power When Needed

The Mazda CX-9 uses SKYACTIV technology to ensure that all the vehicle’s different components work together to deliver the most power and efficiency. The CX-9 engineers took special care to ensure the vehicle has plenty of torque at the lowest RPMs, helping you to merge onto freeways and climb steep hills. With 310 pound-feet of torque at just 2,000 RPM, the CX-9 has considerably more low-end oomph than the competition. The new CX-9 includes G-vectoring control, a technology that utilizes smart braking and throttle techniques to manage the load as you go through corners. Mazda has an overriding philosophy that the driver and vehicle should act as one integrated unit. G-vectoring control helps you feel connected to the road.

CX-9 Built to Handle Every Task

Whether you’re running to the Post Office, taking the kids and their friends to the weekly soccer game, or heading into the mountains for your moment of Zen, the Mazda CX-9 has the power, comfort, interior room and handling to achieve every task in style. With a multitude of seat and cargo configurations, the CX-9 is just as adept at hauling the entire family as it is bringing that new big-screen TV home from the box store. See why the Mazda CX-9 is consistently one of the best-reviewed large SUVs when you visit Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.