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Auto financing is an important factor in the overall cost of buying a new car and it’s important to understand the basics of it. A lot of people need cars and don’t just have the cash just lying around to buy a car straight up, so it’s only logical to get a car loan. There is a difference between using a car loan wisely and using it to buy a car you can’t afford. So when you finance a car, consumers should think about it not just from a monthly payment standpoint but also from a total cost stand point. Below we will outline some tips on how to do so.

First of all, it is important to understand your credit score. Before getting a car loan check your credit report and make sure you understand it. Unlike mortgages or a credit card you can usually get a car loan even if you have bad credit, you will just pay more in interest rates. Free online tools can help you understand where exactly your credit score falls and what interest rates you should qualify for. With great credit you may qualify for Mazda Arizona incentives like 0% APRs or other low financing rates. The key is to know your credit is good so they can’t try to tell you otherwise. Don’t get fooled into paying more in interest then you have to.

Another tip is to try and keep the loan terms short with lower interest rates but higher monthly payments. It may seem tempting to stretch out a loan over five or even six years and to drop your monthly payment but that means you’ll end up paying a lot more interest which could result in being upside down on your car. Also in addition to a short loan term put 20% of the car costs down, this may seem like a no-brainer but some dealerships don’t require a down payment at all.

Unless you’re looking at 0% or another really low APR, the best way to buy a car is always going to be with cash. If you do get a car loan, make sure you know your credit score, shop for a loan before you go to the dealership to ensure the lowest APR, and keep your terms as short as possible. Also always put money down to avoid a loan where you could end up upside down. For more questions about financing a Mazda head to your Phoenix Mazda dealer.

The best way to save on gas money is simply to take care of your car. There are simple tips that anyone and everyone can do to ensure that your car is in the best shape to get the most efficient fuel mileage.

While driving, make sure you drive at a moderate speed, drive smoothly, and reduce unnecessary drag. Driving at a moderate speed may be one of the most important factors in determining fuel economy for Phoenix Mazda drivers. Staying below 65 mph will keep the aerodynamics of any Mazda at optimal levels. Avoiding hard acceleration and quick breaking will not only save you 2 to 3 mpg but will also keep your parts in their best shape longer. Finally by not carrying things on top of your vehicle can save you up to 6 mpg, even driving with empty racks or car carriers reduces fuel economy and aerodynamics.

The tires of your Mazda also greatly influence the fuel efficiency, so keep them inflated and buy the correct tires for your car.  The most important tire tip is to check the tire pressure at least once a month, directions on how to do so can be found in your owner’s manual. Underinflated tires can cause at least 2 mpg loss and also causes increased damage to handling and breaking parts. It is also important to buy tires that are the correct size and type for your specific Mazda model, buying tires with lower rolling resistance also improves fuel efficiency. High-rated tires with low rolling resistance generally don’t cost more and can add 1 to 2 mpg to your fuel mileage. The correct and most efficient tires can be bought at your Mazda parts department.

A few other helpful tips include using the lowest appropriate fuel, avoiding idling, and minimizing driving on a cold engine. If your car doesn’t require premium fuel don’t waste money buying it. Most cars are designed to run on regular gasoline and premium fuels don’t have any added benefit. Turning off your engine if you expect to sit for more than 30 seconds will also help your fuel mileage. When your car is in idle the car gets zero miles per gallon, just warming up your car for 10 minutes will burn an eighth of a gallon of gas. Finally, while driving on a warm engine you can boost fuel economy by 4 mpg. Engines are designed to run most efficiently while their warmed up, driving on a cold engine produces more pollution and wear.

For more information on keeping your Mazda in the best shape possible head to your Mazda service department, or schedule a service appointment online or by calling in.