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Do you have a Mazda and are you looking for other people who have Mazda’s and enjoy them just as much as you? Well here is your chance, The Arizona Mazda Club (AZMC) is taking new members and would love for any Arizona Mazda fans to join them. Check out our interview with them here for more information:

Chapman Automotive Group: What exactly is “the Mazda Club”?

Mazda Club: On the face of it the Arizona Mazda Club (AZMC) is a group of Mazda owners who gather to share the love of our vehicles. We accept any level of modifications from bone stock to completely modified and everything in between.We have many facets of the club and we have members that participate in events ranging from races/autocross, to car shows, to club drives, mod meets, barbeques and dinner nights. In reality, however, the club is much deeper than that, we have grown to be a pretty close family over the past few years, it really is a good group of people that we have here. 

Chapman Automotive Group: If someone was interest in joining how would they go about doing so?

Mazda Club: We have a 3 meets in 3 month policy for our prospective members, and we have an outline of what consists an official club meet written in our bylaws on the website ( That means that a new member would need to attend 3 meets in 3 months and would then be eligible to join our club, pay the fee and they are a part of the club, at that point they can purchase AZMC merchandise from our store, which is hidden to non-members, and fly our AZMC club stickers.

Chapman Automotive Group: How many members do you currently have?

Mazda Club: On the website we have a few hundred members but the number of members who actually show up to events is somewhere between 20-40 people, and we are always looking for ways to increase the number of active members that we have in the club.

Chapman Automotive Group: Is there a membership fee?

Mazda Club: There is a $20 annual fee that goes towards website maintenance and gives us a tiny amount of money to help offset costs for shows, buy bbq supplies for club meets etc.

Chapman Automotive Group: What type of events does the club put on?

Mazda Club: In the past we didn’t really host many large scale events, but we are working hard with Jesse McMahon to put together a pretty amazing car show. The aim is to gather together all of the Mazda clubs in and around the valley as well as bring in some vendors and possibly a dyno for people to verify their power numbers. It should pan out to be quite an event, but we are still early in the planning process. In addition to the car show we have now started a Monthly Dinner tradition that travels around the valley at various restaurants, it is a very informal thing, great for new members to come out and get to know everybody without the pressure of having your car look top notch, the dinners focus more on members rather than vehicles. We also decided to change up our monthly meetings to a bi-monthly meeting and during in the in between months members will volunteer to host a barbeque, get together, club drive, mod meet etc. We also have just designated the 2nd Saturday of the month as our official AZMC Pavillions night, in an effort to coordinate more members getting out the Scottsdale Pavilions car show, though admittedly our 1st official one for rained out pretty good, but we’ll rally next month.

Chapman Automotive Group: Is there any charitable events they do?

Mazda Club: We participate in several charitable events throughout the year, the big two being the Toys for Tots toy drive and run up in Wickenburg and the Jennabears car show at Peoria Sports complex. We have supported both events for years now and will continue our support into the future.

Chapman Automotive Group: How often are meetings and where are the meetings?

Mazda Club: We have a meeting every other month, with our next meeting month being August, the location changes fairly regularly but with our new sponsorship with Chapman Mazda it is likely that the dealership’s conference room will become our regular location. Meeting dates and times change with just about every meting but those interested in attending can check the “Club Meets” section of our website for information on the next meeting.

Chapman Automotive Group: What could someone expect to get out of being a part of the club?

Mazda Club: I think they should expect to see much more than a club, it is pretty apparent that through all of our years together and the evolution of this club from a relatively small club with a handful of members, and a website hosted on a free server that crashed every 6 months to the club we have become with member written bylaws, elected officers and a large member base that above all we are a family and we all have each other’s back. There is a wealth of knowledge to be learned in this club about Mazda history, general maintenance and what it takes to move these cars from good factory delivered machines to amazing performance vehicles, if one so desired. I guess in the end that can be sure that they’ll have fun with this club

Chapman Automotive Group: Is there anything else you would like Mazda fans to know about the club?
Mazda Club: We are stoked to be associated with Chapman Mazda and hope that the Mazda brand continues to hold to their core values and put a bit of “Zoom-Zoom” in everything that they build. We hope to see some new faces around, have fun and keep driving!

For more information on new and used Mazdas or on the Mazda service department, be sure to check out Chapman Mazda on Bell road.

Meet Josh Wojtyna, the new Mazda service manager at Chapman Mazda. We asked Josh a few questions, for you to get to know him a little better, here are his responses:


Chapman Automotive: How long have you worked for Chapman Automotive?
Josh Wojtyna: I have worked for Chapman Mazda for 1.5 years

Chapman Automotive: Just what is it you do here?
Josh Wojtyna: I am the Service Manger

Chapman Automotive: Please tell me about your most rewarding or satisfying experience, your proudest moment, since you joined the company.
Josh Wojtyna: Most rewarding/proudest experience is getting promoted from being a Service Advisor into the Manager position in just 1 year’s time

Chapman Automotive: Before working here, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
Josh Wojtyna: My previous jobs were in the beverage industry, I worked for Pearce beverage which was a distributor of Coors/Miller products, and then I went to Redbull, Both of those were exciting and also had the benefits of cheap/free product 🙂

Chapman Automotive: Are you married? Do you have kids? What do you enjoy doing with your family?
Josh Wojtyna: I am married to Nichole and have been for 15yrs. We just celebrated our 15yr anniversary 6/14 in Vegas with some friends and family by renewing our wedding vows. We have 2 AWSOME kids, Aliyah 14 and Corbin 12.

Chapman Automotive: What are your hobbies?
Josh Wojtyna: We all enjoy going on vacation, playing video games, and working on or racing cars. My hobbies involve anything that has 4 wheels, my family, golf and going out with our friends on the weekend.


Come see Josh for any of your service needs at your local Mazda Arizona dealer, Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.