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Once upon a time, sport-utility vehicles were little more than lumbering behemoths – clunky derivatives of their military predecessors. While early SUVs were under development elsewhere, Mazda focused its attention on perfecting the Wankel engine and a string of excellent cars using that power plant. If you think that neither the SUV nor Mazda have engineered enough sophistication to compete in one of today’s toughest markets, think again: the 2013 Mazda CX-9 captures everything that drivers love about Mazda and pairs it with the numerous accommodations of a world-class SUV.

According to Edmunds, the CX-9’s three trims are all well-equipped by default, including power accessories, three-zone automatic climate control, and a healthy dose of modern technology (touchscreen display, Bluetooth, Pandora, and USC/auxiliary inputs are all present and accounted for). Of course, numerous additional options are available, including premium wheels, upgraded sound, and so on.

For those familiar with previous model years of the CX-9 – or perhaps those who’ve simply seen them while driving past Phoenix Mazda dealers – the most obvious update to the SUV is its refreshed front-end styling. In keeping with the style of its other models, Mazda designers broadened the CX-9’s front grille and reshaped the headlights to exemplify more contemporary trends. Fog lamps and more exotic-looking wheels round out the aesthetic touches which match the CX-9’s appearance with its technical sophistication.

Ultimately, the bench standard of the mid-size SUV class is the vehicle’s suitability for transporting passengers both comfortably and reliably. The Mazda CX-9 has accomplished this goal better than many of its higher-priced competitors since its introduction in 2007. Moreover, the CX-9 achieves its task with ample luxury features and the performance flair that Mazda engineers have long prided themselves in providing.

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