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2014 Mazda 3 hathback

When looking to buy a new Mazda vehicle, there are numerous options available to you if you want to finance the purchase. While the process of buying a car can be painful at times, Chapman Mazda offers many great services to help move the process along smoothly.

Good Credit

For those buyers with great credit, securing a car loan at a wonderfully-low interest rate is easy. Maintaining good credit, along with being in a great financial situation helps any auto loan process.

A great way to get the best deal when financing a Mazda is to look at their current incentives. Depending on the vehicle you want, Mazda offers low or zero interest rates and cash back deals as well. It is an avenue to check out when you are looking for a new vehicle.

Bad Credit

If your credit isn’t stellar, there are still options available for you if you want to get into a new Mazda. When looking for an auto loan lender, remember that each lender is different with different requirements for what they constitute to be “good” credit. Always shop around for the best deal when trying to secure a loan, regardless of your credit rating.

No Credit

If you have no credit, don’t despair. Buying a new Mazda is a great way to start building credit. To secure an auto loan though, you will most likely need a cosigner. The cosigner brings their credit rating to the loan as well, which can help not only secure the loan, but lock in a lower interest rate as well.  To the banks, the cosigner is assuming responsibility for the loan if you fail to meet your payment obligations. It is a way for the bank to spread its risk in issuing the loan while you still get your car.

In the end, there are multiple ways to finance on new Mazda. The best place to start is at your Mazda dealer in Phoenix AZ. They will be able to provide you with the greatest insight on where to start looking for financing.




      It is easy to spend the cost of a car on after-market upgrades. Some upgrades and Mazda parts can cost thousands and some are surprisingly affordable and can noticeably increase your cars performance. Also, some upgrades can cost five figures and will be almost useless with cheap tires. Some upgrades do more depending on climate. For example, a Phoenix Mazda would see more improvement from an upgraded air filter than a Mazda in New England would. Also, a car in New England wouldn’t see as much improvement adding a cold air intake as a car in Phoenix.

One thing all cars, regardless of climate, will need at some point are new tires. Tires translate the power of the engine into action. If the engine works harder than the tires can, than your engine upgrades are useless and dangerous. Before you upgrade what’s under the hood, upgrade the most overlooked and important part of your car… the tires. Performance tires are worth the extra money because they allow everything else to work as efficiently as possible. As a side note, keeping your tires properly inflated will greatly increase the performance of EVERY car.

Another upgrade every car could use that gets overlooked is performance brakes. The better your brakes are, the longer you can stay on the gas before braking into a turn. Better brakes actually make your car faster than other cars because of that principle. Improved braking can be a simple as replacing the brake pads often to buying full-on high-temp performance ceramic brake pads. Like tires, the upside to performance brakes is that you were going to have to buy some brakes anyway and an upgrade in performance costs less relative to an optional upgrade.

Some upgrades are pretty well known so I won’t talk too much about upgrading air filters, turbo-chargers, engines and cold air intakes. One pretty well known upgrade I will talk about is the exhaust. Upgrading the exhaust on your car is an easy way to tack on horsepower and make your car ”purr”. However some exhausts are essentially noisemakers that do not increase performance and make your car sound like a motorboat that is way too loud. Your car won’t be faster and it will make everyone around your car not like you. Seriously, make sure the exhaust your getting is right for your car, improves efficiency and produces a sound you like by doing your research before doing exhaust work.

After you have put a few grand into the tires, engine, pistons, valves, camshaft, suspension, intakes and exhaust. You might want to make your Mazda more aerodynamic by adding a custom body kit or spoiler. If after all these upgrades you still have some cash to spend I would look into getting racing seats and other racing parts for your car that will make the car lighter by using carbon-fiber and other ultra lightweight materials. For more information visit Chapman Mazda.


During the holiday season, if you purchase a new Chapman Mazda, we’ll donate $100 to one of four charities that you designate during the Mazda Drive for Good charitable giving campaign.

Mazda’s Drive for Good runs from Nov. 25, 2013 to Jan. 2, 2014. The charity partners customers can choose to support are:

  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – treats and defeats childhood cancer and other deadly diseases that affect children;
  • American Red Cross – shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters and supplies nearly 40 percent of the nation’s blood supply;
  • American Heart Association – through education, prevention and research, seeks to save people from heart disease and stroke – America’s No. 1 and No. 4 killers.
  • Mazda Foundation – the grant and philanthropic arm of Mazda North America, provides grants to worthwhile causes across the United States.

In addition to a monetary donation, for every test drive taken during the Drive for Good, one hour of volunteer service will be given by employees of Mazda North America.

“The Mazda Drive for Good is just one way we support our community,” notes Chapman Mazda General Manager Jesse McMahan. “During the past year we also supported The Williams Syndrome Changing Lives Foundation, Jamie’s Wish Foundation and The Cutrano AZ Troop Run. We are very active in our community and I am proud of the support our customers and employees give to charity.”

As a way to thank loyal customers and fans of the Phoenix Mazda dealer, Chapman is giving away a set of custom rims. To enter, visit, enter your email address, and like the Chapman Mazda Facebook page. The winner will be chosen at random the week of Dec. 16, 2013.

Mazda North America will host a microsite that will track both the monetary charitable donations as well as the volunteer time pledged. The site will go live Nov. 25 and is accessed through

Help out charity organizations this holiday season by dropping by Chapman Mazda to test drive and purchase a new vehicle. To view our selection of vehicles online go to

11 12 13 Mazda

It’s a great time to buy a Certified Pre-Owned Mazda because all certified vehicles come with a 12-month/12,000-mile additional limited warranty with no deductible on covered parts. This warranty picks up where the factory warranty ends and if that factory warranty is over, the Certified Pre-Owned Mazda you buy will begin the 12-month/12,000 miles warranty the day you buy it at Chapman Mazda.

Buyers at Chapman Mazda Phoenix will also notice more Certified Pre-Owned Mazdas available on the lot. That’s because Mazda has extended the Certified Pre-Owned program, meaning more cars meet our high standards and qualify for this new 12-month/12,000 limited warranty. This means it’s easier than ever to find the perfect Certified Pre-Owned Mazda for you and drive off the lot knowing you purchased a quality vehicle that will last.

All of the Certified Pre-Owned Mazdas sold by Chapman Mazda also feature the AutoCheck Buyback Protection plan. If your vehicle is found to have certain specific issues after sale, you will be refunded the entire purchase price of the car (up to 110 percent of the published retail value) plus coverage of up to $500 in aftermarket accessories.

With more to choose from and an additional warranty on all Certified Pre-Owned Mazdas, we’re confident that you’ll find the right vehicle for you at Chapman Mazda.