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Mazda Hazumi Concept Previews Next-Gen Mazda 2

With Mazda hitting home run after home run with its new product lineup after its divorce from Ford, it is no surprise that many in the automotive industry are excited about what Mazda has in store for the teeny Mazda 2. You can test drive a current-gen Mazda 2 at your local Phoenix Mazda dealer.

With the next-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata already in development, and the Mazda 6, 3 and CX-5 bringing new customers into showrooms, the Hazumi concept looks like a car ready for both the racetrack and city center.

The current generation Mazda 2 is a fun-to-drive B-segment car that lacks the interior amenities many of its competitors now offer as standard fare. Mazda has been designing its cars with the KODO design language, which has been wildly popular on the company’s host of new vehicles. That design translates surprisingly well to the smaller proportions of the Hazumi concept.

Many of the neat design features on the concept probably won’t see it to production, but the thinly slit headlights and aggressive grille compliment the bulbous rear end. The slick center-exit exhaust and oversized, comical wheels won’t make it to production.

When you slip inside the Hazumi concept, you notice the interior appears to be thousands of dollars more than it should be. The Mazda 2 is supposed to be an affordable B-segment offering, but the technologies in the Hazumi concept say otherwise—though it is not completely new or different.

The instrument cluster looks like is had taken cues from the one found in the new Mazda 3, including the nifty heads-up display. Two-tone leather looks nice though likely won’t make production due to cost. A feature that is only for the flavor of concepts is the four seats. Five seats are mandatory in this segment.

Under the hood of the concept lies a 1.5-liter inline-4 cylinder Skyactiv-D diesel engine. In the concept the engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, but definitely expect a manual to be offered.

If you look at the Hazumi concept, you will see a car that desperately wants to reinvent the B-segment market. Vehicles in this segment have never really been thrilling, or stylish, but if Mazda can protect even just some of the design elements found on the concept as it makes its way to production, Mazda will have another sales and award winner on its dealership lots.

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