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Smart Traction Conquers Bad Road Conditions

When equipped with Active Torque Spit All-Wheel Drive, the new Mazda CX-5 midsize SUV can quickly react to changing road conditions. Under optimal conditions, all the power is driven to the front wheels. As wheels start to lose traction, sensors direct an electromagnetic center differential to divert power to the rear wheels, keeping you in firm control of the situation at hand. The all-wheel drive system takes data compiled on lateral G force, steering angle, yaw rate and engine status to determine when and where to apply power. You’ll experience positive handling and powerful acceleration along with the satisfaction of feeling secure in your position on the road. See the new Mazda CX-5 and take a test drive with a visit to Chapman Mazda.

CX-5 Rules the Road in Terms of Efficiency

When it comes to skipping trips to the gas pumps, no SUV in its category is more effective than the CX-5. By utilizing SKYACTIV technology, which effectively integrates all vehicle components to work with each other, the CX-5 gets up to 5 more mpg on the highway than its competitors. Equipped with the 2.0-liter engine, the CX-5 is rated at 35 mpg on the highway. The more powerful 2.5-liter motor still delivers 33 mpg out on the open road. The Toyota Rav4, the Mazda’s closest competitor, only gets 30 mpg on the highway during optimum conditions.

‘Soul of Motion’ Provides Sporty, Aerodynamic Design

All Mazdas, including the CX-5, utilize the iconic KODO ‘Soul of Motion’ design to capture the feeling of movement and power while incorporating sound aerodynamic principles. While the curves of the new Mazda CX-5 are definitely pleasing to the eye and provide a feeling of motion, they also cut through the wind to deliver mind-blowing fuel efficiency and handling. The result is a true integration of form and function that’s a beauty to behold.

Safety First is the Mazda Way

A whole suite of new driver assistance safety technology is available on the CX-5 to help deliver your precious cargo in one piece. Smart Brake Support utilizes sensors to determine the possibility of a frontal collision, applying the brakes if you fail to respond. Distance Recognition Support warns when you are following too closely to the car in front of you, and adaptive front lighting turns the headlights as you go around corners, illuminating your path. Blind Spot Monitoring prevents collisions with people lurking in those areas you can’t see, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert lets you know when a pedestrian or obstacle is coming across the rear of the car when you’re backing up. See all the latest features when you take a test drive at Chapman Mazda.


Three-row Midsize SUV Efficient at Pumps

If you need a three-row SUV to haul all your kids or office mates around but don’t want to be stuck filling it up every other day, consider the Mazda CX-9. By utilizing SKYACTIV technology and a peppy 2.5-liter engine, the CX-9 delivers the performance of a V6 while achieving the fuel efficiency of much smaller vehicles. The CX-9 delivers 28 mpg on the highway when equipped with front-wheel drive and 27 mpg if you select all-wheel drive. Check out the beautiful design and power of this popular vehicle by taking a test drive at Chapman Mazda.

This is One SUV That’s Fun to Drive

By delivering 250 horsepower and 310 foot pounds of torque, the Mazda CX-9 has plenty of pop for merging onto freeways or just sowing your wild oats on a curvy mountain road. A weight reduction from the previous model, balanced weight distribution and an agile suspension provide a supreme driving experience. “SKYACTIV Technology once again demonstrates there’s no need to compromise between driving enjoyment and frugality – even when it comes to hauling around your family,” according to Mazda vice president Robert Davis. “CX-9 elevates our brand with a host of new, advanced technology and luxury features but stays true to our company principles: lightweight, fun to drive, stylish and purposeful.”

Sophisticated Design Delivers Luxury Feel

From the sweeping lines that utilize Mazda’s famous “Soul of Motion” design philosophy to the upscale materials that deliver a luxurious touch to the cabin, the new Mazda CX-9 has the feel of a vehicle that rests in a much higher price range. Nappa leather, aluminum trim and real rosewood are expertly laid out to create a comfortable cabin for long road trips or just a hop to the local ice cream parlor. Easy access to the third row makes loading and unloading the troops a piece of cake. Multiple storage compartments can be used for cake, but are probably better for tissues, electronics and other trip necessities.

Mazda Connect Puts Infotainment a Finger’s Reach Away

Organize all your media content using Internet apps, make a hands-free phone call or plan your route all from the large touchscreen that is the nerve center of the Mazda Connect infotainment system. Utilize services like Pandora or AHA to play your favorite songs, or stream directly from your phone or MP3 player with Bluetooth connectivity. You can also adjust your settings for all the driver’s assistance safety features that come with the CX-9. Stay in touch with Chapman Mazda to see when you can take a test drive later this summer.


Soul of Motion Design Enhances Mazda’s Flagship SUV

The new three-row Mazda CX-9 SUV adheres to the company’s Japanese roots and the KODO “Soul of Motion” design with clean crisp lines, a flowing sculpture that takes the eye from front to back and an absolutely breathtaking interior. Coming this spring to Chapman Mazda, the newest incarnation of this popular family vehicle also features a responsive 2.5-liter turbocharged SKYACTIV-G engine that responds instantly when you step on the gas, producing plenty of torque while still reducing fuel consumption by about 20 percent over the previous model.

Mazda Asked Consumers What Makes the Perfect Vehicle

Before starting on the arduous task of redesigning the CX-9, Mazda took the time to ask hundreds of drivers about what makes the perfect vehicle. Those surveyed said that a CX-9 buyer is a caring person, an overachiever who values family while still holding onto their own dreams. They said they wanted a vehicle that was as beautiful as it was fun to drive, while still providing plenty of room for sports equipment, groceries and the occasional trip to the Swap Meet. Ease of use, as in allowing kids easy access to the third row seats, was also important. It was also vital that a couple could feel comfortable during a night on the town as well as ferrying their children back and forth to school.

Attention to Detail Sets CX-9 Apart From Pack

The Mazda CX-9 is a superior driving machine that is the result of countless hours of design and attention to detail. Wherever one part meets another, it’s apparent that a perfectionist created a flush joint that creates a feeling of sophistication. The cockpit is laid out and assembled with a precision that creates a comfortable feeling for both driver and passengers. Controls are within easy reach, while polished finishes scream luxury and might actually be more at home in a vehicle much more expensive.

Mazda Vehicles on Strict Weight Loss Plan

Mazda is relentless about reducing weight on all its vehicles to increase performance and efficiency. The new Mazda CX-9 is no different, having dropped almost 200 pounds in the front-wheel drive model and close to 300 pounds when equipped with all-wheel drive. The SUV lost so much weight that the company was able to put back in 53 pounds of sound-deadening material, providing a quiet ride. The sound deadening reduced road noise by 2.0 dB and created an interior that 12 percent quieter than the previous model. If you’re looking for a perfect family vehicle for that summer vacation road trip, the new CX-9 will be on the Chapman Mazda showroom soon.