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Minimizing Jerk Key to Smooth Ride

According to a recent article in Motor Trend magazine, one of the reasons the Mazda lineup is so popular is the company’s devotion to the Japanese theory of “Jinba Ittai.” Loosely translated as “horse and rider as one,” the principle is the reason that Mazda spends a lot of time and money studying the way people move. They then engineer vehicles that mimic that movement. When humans walk, the natural equilibrium reduces jerk. Mazda has created a successful vehicle line by minimizing the vertical jerk and moving the rear and front of car in unison. The car moves in much the same way a person moves, meaning long drives are less tiring and short rides are more comfortable. See how Jinba Ittai translates to driving dynamics by inspecting the Mazda inventory at Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.

G-Vectoring Control Newest SKYACTIV Technology

By smoothing out the g force in sharp turns, Mazda’s new G-Vectoring Control (GVC) technology is minimizing neck jerk and turning average drivers into regular road racers. GVC is another piece of the SKYACTIV pie, which is Mazda’s overriding engineering philosophy of making all components work in concert with one another. By retarding the ignition timing slightly, g forces are reduced and a slight diagonal roll is induced to bring the vehicle smoothly through a turn. Motor Trend editors drove a Mazda with a GVC on/off switch installed, and noted that “the amount of steering required to negotiate a tight oval was noticeably increased with it off.” Aside from providing superior handling and saving wear and tear on your neck, one of the best things about GVC is that it adds no cost to a vehicle. It will be offered first on the Mazda6 sedan and then rolled out across the product line.

Mazda6 Offers Less Fatiguing Drive

The GVC offered in the 2017 Mazda6 means that whether you are driving your daily commute or taking a cross-country trip, at the end of the day you’ll be less fatigued. Although the changes are subtle, GVC provides a seamless power change that shifts the vehicle weight throughout the turn. Starting at just over $21,000, the Mazda6 comes in three different trim levels that all earn a very respectable 35 mpg on the highway. For just a hair over $30K you can buy the top-of-the-line Grand Touring model, which comes with a power moonroof, rain sensing wipers, LED headlights and fog lights heated front leather-trimmed seats that are power adjustable for both the driver and passenger. The list of standard features goes on, but you can see all that for yourself by taking a test drive at Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.


Accolades Keep On Coming

The Mazda 3 is the popular four-door sedan that has not only been a finalist for World Car of the Year, but has found its way repeatedly on Car and Driver Magazine’s 10Best list. Expect the accolades to keep on coming, as the 2017 version is outfitted with more standard features than ever. Like your commuter car with a bit of sass? The Mazda3 now has the patented G-Vectoring control that adjusts the car’s handling based on commands from the driver. Additional sound deadening keeps the road noise on the outside, so you can concentrate on the awesome sound that comes from the infotainment system. People who buy the Mazda3 like the option of having a stick shift, so that’s now being offered on the top level Grand Touring trim level. “We are more than happy to give our customers what they want with greater availability of the manual transmission,” according to Mazda senior VP Robert Davis. “Mazda3 has a nearly 15 percent take rate for its manual transmission, with most of those buyers opting for higher trim levels. Where so many competitors have retreated in the segment, we see an opening to engage those who enjoy the driving experience without compromise.” Test drive a stick or automatic version of the Mazda3 by visiting Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.

Lineup Simplifies Engine Options

Where last year’s model designated the 2.0L engine with an “i” and the larger 2.5L with an “s”, this year the two engines are split among the trim level. If you want the extra efficiency of the smaller motor, you’ll need to buy either the Sport or Touring models. Opt for the Touring 2.5 or Grand Touring package and you’ll get the larger engine.

Different Trims, Different Choices

Even the base Sport sedan model of the Mazda3 is packed with features, especially if you add the Preferred Equipment group. Along with 16-inch wheels, you’ll get heated side mirrors, blind spot monitoring, rain-sensing wipers and automatic headlights. Step up a bit to the Touring sedan and options include a shark-fin antenna, BOSE nine-speaker stereo and moon roof. The Grand Touring model adds LED fog lights, a heads-up display, leather seats and an analog tachometer. Add the Premium Equipment package and you also get self-leveling headlights that lead the way around corners, LED tail lights, LED running lights and paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel. Examine the Mazda3 inventory at Chapman Mazda on Bell Road to find the right vehicle at a price you can afford.


Family Four-door Still Delivers Fun

Now equipped with G-Vectoring Control to improve handling, the 2017 Mazda6 midsize sedan is the perfect vehicle for the person who likes a little sass to go along with their daily drive. The Sport model of the Mazda6 starts at just $21,945, yet delivers a long list of standard features including push-button start, backup camera, alloy wheels and the MAZDA CONNECT hands-free infotainment system. Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream your music and make phone calls while keeping your eyes focused squarely on the road. Give the Mazda6 a thorough look by visiting Chapman Mazda on Bell Road.

Other Trim Levels Provide Many Upgrades

Choose the Touring or Grand Touring trim levels of the Mazda6 and you get a wide list of standard features designed to make your daily drives more enjoyable. The Touring trim package provides 19-inch wheels, driver assistance safety features, keyless entry and a 6-way power seat for the driver. You can also get a premium Bose audio system at this level, moonroof and full-LED headlamps that point the way around dark corners. The Grand Touring model is the top-of-the-line, delivering navigation, leatherette seats, a heads up driving display and even a power adjustable passenger seat. Paddle shifters let you slip through the gears with the precision of cars that cost many more thousands of dollars. Radar cruise control and city brake support are a couple of safety features also included in the Grand Touring package.

SKYACTIV Engine Efficient and Powerful

Although the 2.5L 4-cylinder engine that powers the Mazda6 doesn’t sound very large, the use of SKYACTIV technology delivers a rare combination of performance and efficiency. Car and Driver magazine calls the car the “pick of the current midsize sedan litter.” By making the most out of 184 horsepower, the Mazda6 makes the run from 0 to 60 mph in under 8 seconds and reaches a respectable top speed of 90 mph in the quarter mile. Choose the manual gearbox for some extra fun as you power through the gears and even get the rear end to drift a little on the track or some lonesome highway. The 2017 Mazda6 is rated for 35 mpg on the highway, a phenomenal number for a car of this size and people hauling capacity. Visit Chapman Mazda on Bell Road today to test drive the Mazda6 and see why it is consistently rated as one of the top midsize sedans in America.