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Using a milliwave radar system that’s integrated with onboard cameras, Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE is a suite of features that utilizes ground-breaking technology to keep you and your passengers safe on the road. The i-ACTIVSENSE suite is working all the time to not only alert you to potential problems or collisions, but takes steps to avoid those wrecks or reduce the severity when an accident is unavoidable. It’s all part of Mazda’s “Jinba Ittai” philosophy of creating a seamless integration between car and driver. Experience the joy of driving by taking a test ride at Chapman Mazda.

Works With Passive Safety Technology

The i-ACTIVSENSE technology works in concert with the passive design of every Mazda that incorporates a rigid SKYACTIV body structure that helps reduce injury in the event of a collision. A ring structure surrounds every vehicle occupant, working with seatbelt pre-tensioners, an extensive airbag system and load limiter to help protect your precious cargo.

Intelligent Transport System Wave of Future

Mazda continues to break ground with new technology designed with safety in mind. The Intelligent Transport System is the result of 25 years of testing and design. By communicating with other vehicles and even pedestrians, ITS will help drivers avoid potential life-threatening situations when it becomes available in the very near future. ITS will not only help improve safety on the road, but its ability to see the big picture and communicate with other vehicles will also go a long way to solve the urban gridlock problem that is creating parking lots out of highways in large cities.

Why Should You Choose a Mazda?

Aside from the emphasis on safety, there are many reasons to make a Mazda your next vehicle. Most people spend about four years of their life behind the wheel of a car. Mazda believes you should make the most out of every second, celebrating the driving experience rather than just worrying about getting from Point A to Point B. Every Mazda is the result of a painstaking dedication to design and engineering built around the philosophy of bring joy to every driver’s life. With the goal of creating a vehicle that stirs emotions out of metal, the Mazda craftspeople start with clay, sculpting a vehicle with a soul. That’s the philosophy behind their KODO “Soul of Motion” design.

Why should you drive a Mazda? Because that’s the company that believes “Driving Matters.” Whether you choose to let your hair down in the Mazda Miata or haul your kids to school in a CX-9, Mazda wants every drive to be an enjoyable experience. Experience the Mazda difference for yourself by inspecting the inventory and taking a test drive or two at Chapman Mazda.