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Now that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has awarded the Mazda CX-5 its “Top Safety Pick +” designation, every properly-equipped model in the 2017 Mazda lineup has earned that award. When equipped with specific headlights and the optional front-crash prevention driver assistance feature, every new vehicle on the Chapman Mazda lot offers the highest level of protection in the automotive industry. “Our Mazda Proactive Safety Philosophy guides us to develop cars and crossover SUVs that are nimble and direct-feeling to help a driver avoid incidents altogether. Our vehicles are designed and engineered to help protect the driver and passengers if a collision happens,” according to Mazda VP Masashi Otsuka. “To Mazda, safety is about empowering the driver as much as helping to protect him or her. We’re proud of the accomplishments of the CX-5 development team and appreciative of the IIHS’s recognition.”

Strict Standards for Top Safety Pick + Rating

The IIHS has strict standards for awarding the designation of Top Safety Pick +. A vehicle must rate at least “Good” in five different crash tests, an acceptable or good rating in headlight testing, and advanced or superior rating when it comes to preventing a head-on crash. Mazda’s suite of i-ACTIVSENSE driver assistance features are a big reason why all the vehicles in the lineup are rated so highly for safety. Radar sensors work with the cruise control to keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle immediately in front. Lane keep assist helps stop drifting on those long, lonely drives, and traffic sign recognition alerts you to impending danger. The CX-5 comes with standard Smart City Brake Support to help in the crazy stop and go traffic of an urban environment. Standard LED headlights illuminate the night so you can identify hazards more quickly.

2017 CX-5 Full of Changes

From a new 2.2L engine and a quicker-shifting transmission to a complete redesign of the interior and exterior, the 2017 Mazda CX-5 has quite a few changes from the previous model. Mazda engineers mirrored many of the changes to the larger CX-9, a premium SUV that was noted for its quiet interior and use of upscale materials. Mazda listened to its customers and provided features like standard LED headlights and taillights, an available power lift gate, optional heads-up display that puts information in the eyesight of the driver, and plenty of USB charging ports. See all the innovations for yourself and test-drive the ultra-safe CX-5 when you visit Chapman Mazda today.

When premium car owners were put to the test, five out of six participants chose Mazda over their luxury brand. The results of that study are shown in a new television advertising campaign titled the “Driver’s Choice Event.” In the study, both the Mazda and the premium vehicle were disguised using camo-wrap and foam pads. Participants were asked for feedback following a test drive. The results were shocking to the luxury car owners, to say the least. “This was a risky, but fun way for us to gain insight into what our customers experience when they visit a dealership,” according to Russell Wager, Mazda North America vice president. “By removing any preconceived notions about he vehicles, we were able to prove that Mazda vehicles offer similar, if not better, premium amenities and craftsmanship that are typically reserved for luxury brands.” If you haven’t driven a Mazda lately, there’s no better time to take a test drive at Chapman Mazda.

Ad Features CX-9 and Mazda6

The advertisement features the Mazda CX-9 full-size SUV and Mazda6 premium sedan. Both vehicles offer top-of-the-line features such as a Bose sound system, Nappa leather seats and a heads-up display that relays important vehicle information in full color. Where these vehicles differ from those considered in a “premium” class is the price sticker. The CX-9 starts at just a bit over $31,000, while the Mazda6 begins at just under $22,000. While options certainly up those prices, these two vehicles still come in at thousands less than more premium nameplates.

CX-9 Meticulously Crafted

The entire Mazda lineup consists of vehicles that are meticulously crafted by artisans, but none more so than the CX-9. The Mazda CX-9 offers a Signature Trim level that includes Nappa leather, genuine Rosewood accents and brushed aluminum trim. The result is a multi-sensory driving experience that is the epitome of sophistication and comfort. With three rows of seating to comfortably accommodate seven passengers, the CX-9 is the perfect vehicle for busy families who like to take weekend adventures. Available all-wheel drive means you don’t have to hesitate to go off-road and explore the roads you’ve never seen before.

Mazda6 Features G-Vectoring Control

The Mazda6 may have two more doors than the normal sports car, but that doesn’t mean it can’t handle whatever you dish out. With the innovative G-Vectoring Control system to help reduce body roll, the Mazda6 not only takes corners like it was glued to a rail, but also eliminates the fatigue factor that comes with battling a vehicle over long periods of time or distance. Chose the Grand Touring trim package and you not only get a vehicle that earns 35 mpg on the highway, but also has premium features such as a moon roof, LED lighting, heated side mirrors, navigation and a suite of driver assistance safety features. Go ahead and drive the premium cars if you wish, but before you make a purchase stop by Chapman Mazda and see why driving matters.

It took 47 Samurai and an unyielding vision to create affordable cars that offered dynamic driving experiences with modern style to turn Mazda into the premier auto manufacturer it is today. In 1961, the company banked all its resources on the development of the rotary engine. Unfortunately, upon the testing of the prototype for that engine, the motor seized. What would have been doom for most fledgling companies turned into an opportunity. Mazda collected all of its chief engineers into a group known as the 47 Samurai and gave them the task of making the rotary engine a success. Where others had failed, this group succeeded and the result was the 1967 Cosmo Sport 110s, the first production twin-rotor rotary car ever produced. Although they only built a little more than 1,100 of the Cosmo Sports, the never-say-die attitude carried on, creating such lasting products as SKYACTIV technology and the Kodo-Soul of Motion design philosophy that rules Mazda today. If you haven’t looked at a Mazda recently, take some time to inspect the inventory and take a test drive at Chapman Mazda.

Rotary Engine Peaked with LeMans Victory

The high point for the Mazda rotary engine came in 1991 with the Mazda 787B, powered by a quad-rotor motor, was victorious at the grueling 24 hours of LeMans. The rotary engine proved to be a huge success for the company, which built almost 2 million vehicles powered by the innovative setup. Although the rotary engine was an important part of the Mazda history, it was by no means the most important. Mazda’s devotion to the principle of “hashiru yorokobi,” or the exhilaration, well-being and joy that comes from driving, is the reason people love their Mazdas today. Critics from across the auto industry love the Mazda lineup, whether they’re testing the large CX-9 SUV or the sporty MX-5 Mazda Miata. The reason is that Mazda is a car company that never deviates from the goal of creating an experience where the driver and car act as one.

SKYACTIV Technology the Latest Breakthrough

Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology ensures that every component, no matter how small or large, works as one with all the other parts of the vehicle. The result is a powerful, efficient lineup that is not only fun to drive, but delightful to look at. Offering technology that creates the highest engine compression ratio in the industry, Mazda gets the most out of every drop of fuel while reducing emissions. Lightweight and rigid bodies provide greater handling while protecting the driver and passengers from the dangers of the road. See how Mazda continues to push the boundaries of technology to create the ultimate driving experience when you take a visit to Chapman Mazda.