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Mazda Announces Diesel Plans for CX-5


First Mazda Diesel in North America

If you can wait until the middle of next year to buy your new midsize SUV, Mazda announced that the sporty CX-5 will have a diesel option. Providing more torque and environmentally-friendly emissions, the SKYACTIV-D 2.2 diesel will make the Mazda CX-5 one of the most fuel efficient SUVS on the road. “We’re confident this engine offers a smart new option for North American drivers who want both performance and fuel economy,” according to Mazda VP Akira Marumoto. The new diesel CX-5 will be available to test drive at Chapman Mazda on Bell Road sometime next summer.

New CX-5 for All Customers to Enjoy

The original CX-5 midsize SUV, launched in 2011, was the second fastest Mazda to reach one million units sold. The all new version that will be available in February adds a new dimension of driving pleasure for all customers to enjoy, including the passengers. Prioritizing passenger comfort by keeping road noise out and delivering a smooth ride, the new CX-5 is perfect for both long trips or hosting the office carpool. A bold and sensual exterior utilizes the overriding Mazda theme of KODO-Soul of Motion design.

KODO Emphasizes Craftsmanship and Fluidity

KODO-Soul of Motion is an ancient Japanese design philosophy that captures objects in action at the moment their energy explodes. Elegant detail and fluidity is the key to this design, which is the theme for the design of all Mazda vehicles. At Mazda, the design starts with hands forming clay into stunning creations that eventually evolve into a vehicle. Each artist painstakingly sculpts a piece of the vehicle using love and care, a process that makes the Mazda lineup some of the most dynamic and beautiful vehicles on Earth. The CX-5 is both bold and athletic while delivering a sophisticated driving experience at an affordable price.

CX-5 Cabin is ‘Driver-Centric’

The world revolves around the operator in the 2017 Mazda CX-5 to emphasize the joy of driving. With an active driving display in your line of sight to relay important vehicle information and the Commander control knob within easy reach, each button and control is laid out with precision and an incredible amount of forethought. The quiet cabin is the perfect place to add the premium Bose sound system so you and your passengers can enjoy the ride surrounded by a symphony of your favorite sound. The all new CX-5 is slated for delivery to Chapman Mazda on Bell Road this coming February.

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